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September 5, 2017

Several years ago, I deactivated my blog and deleted most of the posts I had published. I had found that maintaining the blog while travelling, researching, teaching, and dissertating was simply not a priority. I was under the belief that if I could not maintain a blog on a daily or weekly basis, it was not worth putting my thoughts or words out there. Most of the time the ended up on the blackhole of Facebook. I have, however, come around to the belief that even if there are no readers, no schedule, and no philosophical structure to my often unconnected or irregular thoughts, they still warrant a platform. Otherwise all this site is is a placeholder for me on the internet–a place to insert myself once I am ready. Once I have the time. Once I have the focus. Once I have the discipline. However, those things may never come in the way that I imagine them. I may never be a “public figure” in the way that younger, academic me envisioned.

So for now, I have decided to reactivate my blog. I have no firm schedule for updating it, nor a routine for writing on it. I may attempt to recover some of the posts I had deleted…or not. Even if this only becomes a spot for me to jot down a few thoughts or comments every couple months, or once a year, or never again, I think I will keep it public as a place for me to exist as more than a headshot and a husk of an academic CV. More crucially, I think it might become a place for me to engage history and thought with the current political reality under Donald Trump’s cryptofascist regime and with the Zeitgeist of American culture and media.

Going ahead, I will attempt to make this space ‘Me’ on the web, even if that space is filled with dated posts and irregular thoughts.

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